Sloth Tour


Outdoor guided hiking trail looking for sloths.

Extra fees may apply in transportation service for locations out of downtown area.

Apply for kids between 6 and 12 years old, under 6 are free.

No show or less than 72 hours cancellation 100% penalty applies.
No cancellation due to weather conditions applies.


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Sloth tour.

It’s an outdoor hiking tour through the rain forest with the help of a naturalistic guide.

Lets look for the sloths in the wild.

We’ll be finding an average of four to six sloths in the area.

We have about 2 miles trails with a rich biodiversity so we also be able to appreciate some birds, frogs, insects and other wildlife around.

This adventure takes one and a half hours to be done but it’s a gentile hike in a flat land 30 acres property.

The trails are mostly under shade with some open areas so you only we’ll need some bug spray.


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